Questions about my Ink Cartridges

1. The cartridge I received is not printing

Store cartridges in an upright position BEFORE USAGE. The ink in the cartridge must move to the bottom of the cartridge and pass through a sponge to start working. During shipping cartridges do not stay in an upright position causing the ink to collect at the opposite end of the cartridge. For best results place the cartridge in an upright position for several hours before usage.

After installing a new cartridge, you should run the print head cleaning utility. This keeps the nozzles clean and ensures optimal print quality. Please refer to your printer manual for instructions.

Make sure to remove all adhesives and tapes to expose air holes from the cartridge (if applicable).

Do not leave empty cartridges in your printer. If so your print head may be clogged. Remember the print head is in the printer, so if your cartridge has been stored upright, the chances are that your print head is clogged or partially clogged – the print head is in the printer, NOT in the cartridge.
Perform a cleaning cycle through your printer utilities option (on your computer) and follow the instructions to print a test page. If you are not sure how to do this please consult your printer owners manual or refer to the manufacturer’s web site for instructions.

You may have to repeat this process SEVERAL TIMES.

As a last resort if this fails to solve the problem, replace the cartridge with a new one. If the problem persists then most likely your print head is clogged – in the printer, NOT in the cartridge. The only way to clear this is to keep performing the cleaning cycles.

Handle your cartridges with care: DO NOT squeeze or apply pressure to the cartridge when removing the tape or plastic cover. This may cause the cartridge to leak.

If the cartridge contains a chip, remove the cover carefully without touching the chip. Touching the chip may cause the cartridge to fail.

2. I received the wrong cartridge

My cartridge number ends with a different letter (A, G or D), what is the difference and are your cartridges compatible with my printer?

The lettering at the end of a cartridge number indicates the amount of ink that a cartridge contains. All the models (A, G or D) use identical cartridges regardless of the lettering. All of our cartridges are filled to the top (high yield) regardless of the lettering and they are 100% compatible with your printer.

My printer model is not listed on the cartridge box I received, is this cartridge compatible with my printer?

Not all the compatible printers would be necessarily listed on the cartridge box. Some cartridges may fit over 30 or more printers and there is simply not enough space on the box to list all the printers. As long as the numbers match your cartridge number, you have the right cartridge. Please physically try them in the printer and let us know. If they are wrong, they simply will not print, and will not harm your printer.

The cartridges I received look larger than the ones in my printer.

Some HP, Lexmark and other cartridges sit in a “protective, plastic clip”. In many cases it is black like the cartridge and is “L” shaped. This may make the cartridge appear larger in the pack than your original cartridge. Please open the package and remove the “protective, plastic clip”. After removing the clip the cartridge should look exactly the same as your original cartridge.

3. Printer does not recognize cartridge No print head in cartridge (Epson, most Canon, Brother, Xerox)

The most common time this happens is with compatible Epson cartridges with a chip in the front of the cartridge. The simple reason is that the chip is not properly connecting with the printer. Is the cartridge properly seated? Try pushing it firmly down and make sure it is properly seated. If this does not solve the problem, turn the printer off, remove the cartridge and reinstall, making sure it correctly seats. Turn the printer back on and see if the cartridge is recognized. If not repeat this process several times.

Cartridge has print head (All HP, Lexmark, some Canon)
This is caused by improper contact with the printer, or dirty contact points on the cartridge or in the printer. Clean the print head and the printer with a lint-free cloth or paper towel dipped in alcohol, distilled water or a non-greasy cleaner. Clean in a circular motion.
Try reinstalling the cartridge. “Drop” the cartridge into the holder and slightly wiggle the cartridge a few times to ensure correct seating. Then lock the cartridge in place.

4. Printer shows cartridge as empty

It is virtually impossible for you to receive an empty cartridge!!

It is possible that your cartridge is not properly seated – “Drop” the cartridge into the holder and slightly wiggle the cartridge a few time to ensure correct seating. Then lock the cartridge in place.
Please understand that your printer does not “READ” the ink level of the cartridge in any way. The printer software measures the level of the ink by remembering the number of pages that have been printed since the last cartridge was installed, and then ESTIMATES how much ink is left and when the cartridge should be replaced. If you change the cartridge without letting the printer driver reset it will still think you are using the old cartridge. Install the cartridge again using the “install new cartridge” option. This may be on your printer or through your printer utilities, or both. Please refer to your printer manual for instructions. This will tell your printer software that you have installed a new cartridge and force it to reset the internal page counter.
Does the printer itself say it's out of ink (blinking light), or does a printer related message box come up on your monitor saying it's empty?
If a light on your printer is blinking (saying 'out of ink'), make sure the contact points on the cartridge are completely clean – see section above.
If it's a printer control program or message box that's telling you it's out, the issue is probably that the printer control software hasn't been reset or told a new cartridge was installed.

5. Horizontal/Vertical white lines appear in printout - printout is faint & blurry

In this case the cartridge nozzles may be slightly clogged. Run the print head cleaning utility 3-4 times before printing again, if after running the utility the situation is unchanged, the cartridge is most likely defective. Please contact us for a replacement cartridge.

6. Printer generates an error message or warning and refuses the cartridge installation

In this case you may need to cycle the printer by following these steps:

1- with the cartridge installed, turn off the printer.
2- unplug the printer from its power source for 30-60 seconds.
3- plug in the printer, turn power on

If cycling the printer does not alleviate the error message or flashing light, the cartridge is most likely defective. Please contact us for a replacement cartridge.

If you receive a warning, asking if you wish to continue using a non-Epson or non-Canon cartridges, click “Yes” to proceed and continue your normal printing operation.